Renewing your Professional QA Tutor Membership

Renewal of Professional QA Tutor Membership Portfolio is due every three years.

Please note: If you have joined only just joined ADSHE you must submit your QA Portfolio containing one year’s CPD before your first year’s membership renewal date.

Please ensure you read the Professional QA Tutor Membership handbook in full.  This offers a detailed explanation of the renewal process including CPD and PPS requirements

CPD Requirements:

Each year members have to complete 7 hours of CPD and 3 hours of Professional Peer Supervision® (PPS®).

The 7-hours of CPD comprises:

  • 5-hours of certified CPD (from events provided by one of the 4 main professional bodies: ADSHE, Patoss, BDA, Dyslexia Action).
  • 2-hours of CPD relevant to HEI work context (such as reflections, journal reviews, training on policies and procedures etc…)

Please note:  For members attending an ADSHE event, only ADSHE Accredited CPD can be counted towards their yearly 5-hours of certified CPD.

These CPD hours need to be electronically logged annually and will be verified by ADSHE and your log needs to be updated before your membership renewal date each year.

These annual CPD hours form part of your ADSHE QA Portfolio submission due at the end of 3 years.

Summary of the process for  QA Tutor Portfolio renewal

Your Portfolio includes your Front Sheet; CPD log; copies of your CPD evidence (e.g. CPD Certificates); Professional Peer Supervision (PPS)® logs and the Self-audit Tool in one electronic document.

Note : Professional Peer Supervision (PPS)® is a registered trademark of ADSHE

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