Jackie Hatfield: J.Hatfield@lboro.ac.uk

I have worked at Loughborough University since 2006.  I have two job roles, working for three days as a week as a Specialist Study Support Tutor for a range of students who are in receipt of DSA, and the remaining two days as a Study Support Tutor for the University’s Art Foundation Programme.  In these two roles I see students ranging from those who are beginning their journey in Higher Education through to those pursuing the challenges of researching and writing their PhDs.

I have a particular interest in understanding and helping students to bridge the gap between writing at A-Level (and equivalent) and the requirement and conventions of academic writing.  As a result of working with Art and Design students for many years, I am aware of the difficulties and frustrations they experience when writing academically.  As a consequence of working with them, and as a visual learner myself, I have become increasingly interested in investigating visual and creative support strategies.  One of the outcomes of these investigations is that I have become an active member of Writing PAD (Writing Purposefully in Art and Design), a network that seeks to embody an inclusive, creative, reflective and multi-sensory approach to student writing.


Tina Horsman: T.G.Horsman@lboro.ac.uk  

is a Specialist Tutor for Students with Specific Learning Differences at Loughborough University. She provides specialist one-to-one study support for students with a range of neurodiversities including dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD. As a Mindfulness Practitioner Tina has developed and co-delivered a unique Mindfulness for Study programme within the university and co-authored the book Mindfulness for Study: From Procrastination to Action. This has led her to inaugurate the Higher Education Mindfulness Network to provide a platform for sharing mindfulness research and practice within the higher education sector. She holds a postgraduate certificate in mental health and education and is interested in how these issues affect students and their learning. Tina has delivered and developed courses for Dyslexia Action and worked for many years as a Dyslexia Specialist within a land-based further education college. She is also an independent, fully qualified assessor for specific learning differences (with AMBDA and APC status), staff trainer, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Fellow of the Dyslexia Guild


Tina and Jackie have recently taken over this thriving group. They are Specialist Tutors for Students with Specific Learning Differences at Loughborough University.

The group covers the Midlands area, from Birmingham and Coventry to Nottingham and Northampton including Nottingham Trent, Nottingham, Loughborough, Leicester, De Montfort, Coventry, The Open and Birmingham universities.

We would like to extend an invitation to all Higher Education providers in our region, both universities and further education intuitions, who support students in receipt of DSA.


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