2011 Liz ahrends award : Sheila Blankfield

The 2011 Liz Ahrends award was presented to Sheila Blankfield

” I used the Liz Ahrends award to undertake a small action research project. I set out to answer this question: Am I using ADSHE’s 7 principles of specialist support effectively to underpin my practice? To do this, I devised a short questionnaire based around the 7 principles, and used this both as a tool for reflecting on my practice as well as for getting student evaluation of a session. To supplement this, I recorded several support sessions in various ways – audio recordings, digital photos, written summary, reflections and so on. I collected this ‘evidence’ in an ePortfolio. During this presentation, I will show the ePortfolio and talk about how these processes and tools might be used by other freelance and part-time tutors and employers as part of Continuing Professional Development and/or quality assurance processes.

You can view the ePortfolio here

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