ADSHE, The Association of Dyslexia Specialists in Higher Education is the professional association of and for specialists who work in Higher Education. The association was founded in 2001 and aims to promote and disseminate knowledge on all aspects of neuro-diverse teaching and learning in this context to promote inclusive learning environments.

Currently ADSHE has a membership of over 500 professionals working across the United Kingdom including specialist 1:1 tutors, qualified assessors, Dyslexia Service Co-ordinators, Disability Services Managers, assistive technology trainers, needs assessors, mental health mentors, and disability advisors. Membership is open to qualified professionals under 6 categories. Join us to be a part of our growing community of specialists.

Who are ADSHE?

Over 500 dyslexia and neuro-diverse learning specialists with a specific focus on higher education ADSHE focuses specifically on the issues affecting university students, including transition into Higher Education and transition out into the workplace.

ADSHE provides a focused network for dyslexia specialists in HE where the concerns are different to the wider educational environment where other, aligned organisations and groups provide support.

Why was ADSHE formed?

  • To share knowledge and inform good practice

  • To work towards establishing parity of provision so that any dyslexic student will be assured of appropriate support throughout the HE sector

  • To avoid unnecessary duplication of work

  • To establish commonly accepted codes of good practice

  • To help tutors to share experiences and overcome feelings of isolation

What does ADSHE provide?

  • professional Quality Assured Tutor Membership eligible for NMH 1:1 provision meeting the DSA-QAG audit framework for eligibility to provide DSA funded NMH support
  • an annual national Conference every June which provides all members an opportunity to meet, share ideas and concerns and learn from leaders in the field
  • Professional Development Days – North and South – held in September and January of each year
  • the sector leading Quality Assurance protocol with its bespoke Professional Peer Supervision  to promote quality of practice
  • regional Group meetings for networking and sharing best practice
  • free to attend ADSHE Accredited CPD events
  • publication of The Journal of Neurodiversity in Higher Education
  • The Kite-mark standard document,7 Principles Underlying the Provision of 1:1 support in HE
  • a members’ only discussion forum
  • an exciting website with web based resources to support good practice
  • a register of Professional Quality Assured (ADSHE QA) Tutors eligible under the DSA-QAG Framework to provide Non medical helper funded 1:1 specialist support
  • a collective voice representing the sector’s interests at the highest level including the Department for Education, Disabled Students Stakeholder Group (DSSG) and the SpLD Assessments Standards Committee (SASC) to ensure high quality standards apply to the support for dyslexic and neuro-diverse students and that the role of the dyslexia tutor is fully understood by policy makers and funding bodies

Upcoming events

ADSHE CPD Day North 2019

January 26 @ 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

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