Nicole Northern
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Nicki Northern reckons predestination steered her into education, as both her parents, her grandfather and various combinations of relatives were/are teachers.  Her pedagogical philosophy, however, was developed during her position at a Quaker primary school in Cambridge, MA where she was mentored by an exceptional learning specialist and education activist, Merryl Pisha. Merryl instilled a strong sense of equity in Nicki’s teaching practice. She went on to teach at a Boston secondary preparatory school for students with learning differences.   Parenthood reunited her with England, where she had received her MA in literature at the University Of London, Royal Holloway.  Her prior experiences led her to pursue her PGCE in specific learning difficulties.  She has worked in HE for the past thirteen years, developing her practice with a strong focus on metacognitive strategies and social justice commitment.  She delights in her students’ successes, academic and personal.

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