Bob Burwell
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On reflection, I now realise just how much the ADSHE 7 Principles® have influenced my practice and helped my work as a tutor.  The 7 Principles® are really good at providing a solid professional framework for our role as specialist tutors. The creation of my marking feedback guide was based on the 7-Principles®. Specifically, the guide was influenced by 3 principles in particular: ‘modelling’, ‘relevance’, and ‘metacognition’.

The 7 Principles® are also a great platform to use in staff development.  I recently tried out some new case studies (Capturing Good Practice).  I really enjoy working with colleagues, problem-solving tricky student case studies. Tutors always come up with great answers to solving my case studies and all their solutions are often rooted in the 7 Principles®! I learn so much from working with colleagues using the 7 Principles®.  I look forward to seeing you all at conference and continuing to work with you in the future, using the 7 Principles® together, to help us enhance our practice.

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