ADSHE’s 7-Principles® underpin the specialist 1:1 support offered for neurodivergent learners. They are; metacognition, motivation, overlearning, modelling, little and often, multisensory and relevance. Each of these underlying principles can be used to facilitate a student’s learning experience.

ADSHE has developed an interactive poster (below), exclusively for members, which gives more details about each of our 7-Principles® (as depicted in the roots of the tree) and the different categories of support (as depicted in the leaves). You’ll need a password to gain access, which is given to members when they join.

7 Principles poster, English version
7 Principles poster Welsh version

View this interactive poster in English

View this interactive poster in Welsh, gwelwch y poster rhyngweithiol hwn yn Gymraeg

The poster is available to buy and display in your workplace, to help promote ADSHE’s 7-Pinciples® to all staff and students.

Please note: 7-Principles® is a Registered Trademark of ADSHE Ltd