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Kevin Brunton

Kevin’s interest in Assistive Technology (AT) developed whilst he was implementing an online study skills website for the Learning Development Unit at London Guildhall University (now London Metropolitan). Growing student demand led him to train as both a tutor and a trainer and he was lucky enough to work with Carol Jones who had recently set up what might have been the UK’s first PG Cert. focusing solely on the use of AT. This experience enabled him to integrate software into his tutorial support from an early stage at a time when the two roles tended to be viewed as separate ones.

Following the merger with the University of North London, his role expanded to cover departmental systems and needs assessments. It was the latter role that he eventually chose to specialise in as he recognised that it was during this assessment that he would have the best opportunity for convincing students of the value of using AT to support their studies. He hopes that the number of students who now return for postgraduate reviews provides some evidence that this has worked. In addition to assessments, Kevin took an early interest in the potential for smartphone apps and he presented on this at a number of conferences and training events. He continues to gather student feedback on how they use their smartphones and feels that it has become noticeable that many functions are now so inclusive that students no longer think of them as /assistive/. A welcome development but hopefully one that won’t leave him out of a job in the future.

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