ADSHE QA Tutors work with students on a 1:1 basis developing academic abilities such as academic research, reading and writing, organisation, exam preparation, memory techniques and time management. Specialist 1:1 Tutors deliver academic literacy support including transferring thoughts and ideas to an appropriate academic format.

We promote independent learning as well as empowering students to manage their workload. Specialist 1:1 support is not subject specific tuition. However, ADSHE QA Tutors work with a student using course specific materials as a context for developing academic literacy.

You should expect:

  • your 1:1 sessions to be with an appropriately qualified specialist who is a QA member of one of the recognised professional bodies e.g. ADSHE. You may ask to see your specialist tutor’s membership certificate.
  • to have your sessions in a private, confidential space. Confidentiality and privacy must be respected with due account taken of relevant legislation.
  • your personal information to be safeguarded and not shared without your permission, except where there is reasonable belief that you might be at risk of harming yourself or others.
  • to be able to access your 1:1 sessions remotely: e.g. via Skype, if necessary
  • to be treated with equity and dignity in a respectful fashion in relation to individual differences including: age, gender, sexuality, religion, culture and ethnicity, health and disability.
  • to receive student-centred support which is sensitive to your individual study needs and academic priorities.
  • to have sessions focussed on developing your academic skills and confidence.
  • to know the date, time and focus of your next session, as appropriate.
  • to have tutorials delivered on time and, where possible, 24-hours’ cancellation notice given. If your tutor needs to cancel your session, they should endeavour to rearrange this for you, where possible.
  • a response to emails and phone messages within a reasonable timeframe, as agreed with your QA Tutor.
  • to be able to give feedback on the support you receive.
  • to be able to ask for a change of tutor, where possible.
  • to have your sessions guided by ADSHE’s 7 Principles®.

You are expected to:

  • arrive on time for appointments and, where possible, give 24-hours notice of cancellation.
  • take responsibility for re-arranging any missed sessions or sessions that you cancel.
  • take an active part in your 1:1 sessions.
  • to treat your ADSHE QA 1:1 Tutor with dignity and respect.

You can download the Student Charter in an adaptable format by clicking the button below:

Please note: 7-Principles® is a Registered Trademark of ADSHE Ltd