The aim of the ADSHE Practitioner Project Award is to innovate and spread good practice which enhances the professional reputation of ADSHE and contributes to enhanced learning and teaching or assessment

ADSHE is offering awards to ADSHE members for small scale practitioner projects which investigate and share innovative approaches to:

  • learning and teaching in 1:1 Specialist Study Support sessions (face-to-face and/or virtual learning)
  • developments in assessment practice
  • awards are available to individual Specialist Tutors or Specialist Assessors, but ADSHE welcomes project proposals which are spread across 2 or more individuals or 2 or more organisations.

Please note: Awards are only available to ADSHE QA members. All tutors/assessors involved in the project must be ADSHE QA members

Award expectations

These awards are aimed at small scale practitioner projects. They will not cover salary costs of tutors or contribute to the cost of research being undertaken for a qualification (e.g. as part of a master’s degree).

  1. £350
    The maximum award for individual proposals is £350
  2. £500
    The maximum award for shared projects between 2 or more individuals/organisations is £500. One award will be given to the named lead applicant


  • All awards are made on the basis of a costed application form and monies will be released on receipt of invoices
  • All project bids must meet appropriate ethical approval and intellectual property agreement
  • The minimum expectation for receipt of an ADSHE Practitioner Project Award is a poster presentation at the ADSHE Annual Conference, a workshop proposal and/or submission of a paper for the Journal of Neurodivergent Learning and Teaching in HE (ADSHE)

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