Tanya Zybutz

Tanya has been part of ADSHE from the very beginning. She was a pivotal part of the group who started the organisation back in 2001, initially with the purpose of enabling specialists working in HE to meet, support each other and share good practice. We still do this of course, but we do so much more today.

It is not possible to link the growth of ADSHE to any one person, but when our development is examined closely it is clear that Tanya has been involved every step of the way. For the past twenty-one years Tanya has either served on the executive committee or had a non-executive role, and that is a phenomenal track record of commitment and endurance. More often than not she has stood as Officer without Portfolio, and under this guise she has worked tirelessly behind the scenes supporting members of the executive, particularly the Chair, and stepping in whenever some crisis occurs, or encouragement is needed.

Tanya has had a role in every major project ADSHE has undertaken, for example she was part of the first working group ADSHE established in 2007 to develop Good Practice Guidelines for the sector. She was clear that ADSHE needed a system of Quality Assurance in 2012, long before it became requirement for the DSA and has been key in establishing ADSHE’s Professional Peer Supervision®. She continues to take an active role in promoting the practice and regularly delivers PPS training. For the past ten years Tanya has been an advocate for ADSHE running its own training course and was involved in setting up our very successful Level 5 course. 

In the 2021 ADSHE Conference booklet Tanya wrote about her belief in her students, her passionate belief ‘that her students can’, and how this belief has always enabled and motivated her students. This passion has also been evident within ADSHE where Tanya has had a canny ability to spot potential in colleagues and has been the catalyst in encouraging and affirming others, many of whom would never have dreamt they had executive or even chair potential. 

In the same piece Tanya also recognised that she is a driving force behind the development of her award-winning team at RCSSD. Again, the very same can be said about her role in ADSHE; Tanya has been a driving force behind ADSHE’s development from a small networking professional organisation to a limited company which is recognised as one of the influential national professional bodies within the sector. 

Those of us who have known Tanya for many years are keenly aware of her unceasing work behind the scenes: the listening ear and much needed encouragement when it can all seem too much; never losing sight of the big picture; never afraid to ask the awkward questions; spotting the broken links and the possibilities – being a common denominator in all our significant developments. Tanya’s vision, passion and commitment are fully deserving of this Special Recognition Award with Honorary Life Membership.

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