An E-book highlighting interesting case studies from the UK, Australia and Finland for building student mental health resilience has just been published by Inspired by Learning.  In this time of lock down and restrictions on how we can support student, it gives us the opportunity to plan ahead.

When students first arrive at university they huddle together looking vaguely out of place, uncomfortable and ungainly. They make a lot of noise but don’t appear to be doing very much.

Then some will say: “I’m a penguin. There’s the water. I’m off”. They dive in and swim around confidently having a great time. Others will say: “I’m a penguin. I’m looking for the water.” We point them in the right direction. They dive in and swim around confidently having a great time.

Then there are those who say: “I’m a penguin. I don’t know what to do or where to go.”

Some don’t even know that they are penguins.

It’s these last 2 groups that are the focus of this book. The projects outlined in the chapters help all students, but particularly those who may be struggling to get to grips with their lives as students. Ultimately, the goal is to see the student dive in and join their colleagues in the water swimming around confidently having a great time. Once they’re in their element, they swim and dive with grace and elegance and it’s fantastic to watch. These projects are here to help penguins to swim.

More information can be found HERE