Who are ADSHE?

We are the Association of Dyslexia Specialists in Higher Education. We represent over 500 dyslexia and neuro-diverse learning specialists, with a specific focus on Higher Education (HE). We place specific attention on the issues affecting university students, including transition into HE and transition out into the workplace. In addition, we provide a specific support network for specialists in HE, where the concerns are different to the wider educational environment.

Why was ADSHE formed?

  • To share knowledge and inform good practice

  • To work towards establishing parity of provision, so that any dyslexic student will be assured of appropriate support throughout the HE sector

  • To avoid unnecessary duplication of work

  • To establish and promote commonly accepted codes of good practice

  • To help tutors to share experiences and overcome feelings of isolation

Join ADSHE and make a difference – BY the members, FOR the members.