This is one of the most important theories for us to consider in our 1:1 tuition. It comes into almost everything we do and a great many of the strategies that we use are based on it. This course will examine Sweller’s Cognitive Load Theory and propose a Cognitive Load for Tutors model. Sweller proposed that working memory is small and finite; he said that the way material is presented to students puts considerable unnecessary load on the working memory. This course looks at the theoretic factors he has proposed over the last 30 years, and goes on to examine the biological and environmental factors that unnecessarily impinge on working memory. As most students we work with have a smaller working memory, it is vital that we remove these extraneous factors to allow the student to work at their best.

This course is presented by Elaine Doffman. Elaine is a Training and Development Officer on the ADSHE Exec, and is a joint Regional Coordinator. She has been a Study Skills Tutor for 16 years, working all over the country via distance support and locally in the North West. Previously to tutoring, she was a teacher for many years and qualified to teach people with dyslexia 30 years ago. She loves teaching and tutoring, as well as producing resources and teaching materials.

This course counts as 1-hour of ADSHE Accredited CPD.

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