The following items are for sale and offers are welcome – preferably for the complete list as a ‘job lot’. All are in good condition.

WRIT: manual + Diamonds/Matrices stimulus book  + Diamonds chips + carrying bag

WIAT-ll uk : Examiners manual + stimulus book + word card + 15 record forms

WRAT4:  Manual + Word reading cards + sentence cards + 12 blue response and 12 blue test sheets

Beery VMI: manual + accompanying test sheets

Brown ADD Scales: adult x 36

CTOPP: manual + picture book + CD + 20 record booklets

Books for sale

Dyslexia Biology Cognition and Intervention-  Hulme and Snowling

Dyslexia Theory and Good Practice – Ed. By A.Fawcett

Support for Learning Differences in HE by G.Price and J.Skinner

How to detect and Manage Dyslexia by Philomena Ott

Neurodiversity in HE – Ed. David Pollack

Dyslexia at College – Ed. Gilroy and Miles

Dyslexia at work by S.Moody

Steps to study success by Lashley and Best

Essays and Dissertations by C.Mounsey

Mind Mapping by T. Buzan

Get Ahead ny T. Buzan and V.North

Ace Spelling Dictionary

Interesting ways to help our students study by Habeshaw, Habeshaw and Gibbs