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Passhe Logo

Those who joined us at the National Conference have already seen our new name and logo, as we had it emblazoned on the bags and the back page of the booklet. Once again, I’d like to thank all our members and the Exec and Directors for being involved in the consultation process. We feel the new name (pronounced Pash-ee) is important as the role of Specialist 1:1 Tutors has broadened out over the past 21 years, and the term /dyslexia/ had started to become limiting for us as an organisation. The new name encompasses a lot of what we do – we are professionals who work with students who have Specific Learning Differences, primarily in Higher Education.

We hope members like the end result, not only in the name but also with the logo. After much deliberation, we decided to keep with a similar theme, which we hope will help with smoothing the transition. As with all name changes, this will be a fairly lengthy process as we make the transition over the coming year, so don’t expect any sudden changes!