ADSHE Understanding Neurodivergence statement

ADSHE believes it is important to understand neurodivergence (including dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and other Specific Learning Differences) in the academic context. Rather than defining neurodivergence into distinct categories, ADSHE views these as a continuum with few clear cut-off points. As such:

Neurodivergence is characterised by neurological differences that affect the way in which a person’s brain processes information. A neurodivergent person will benefit from having a good understanding of how their brain neurology works so that they can develop and adopt appropriate strategies to match the tasks they are undertaking.

People are all different, and how their neurodivergence intersects and impacts on their studies, work and life will vary from person to person. Neurodivergence can be experienced as both a strength and a challenge.

Living with a neurodivergent mind, in addition to the marginalisation that results from traditional education, can have an adverse effect on mental well-being. Understanding and managing this impact is an essential part of embracing all learning differences, and thriving.

ADSHE believes that working 1:1 with a Specialist Tutor, and access to appropriate Assistive Technology, can be liberating. This holistic approach can aid students with a neurodivergent profile to develop meaningful strategies, and to become successful in their chosen academic field and beyond.

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