Introduction to SASC SpLD Report Format for SpLD: webinar access  

On-demand access begins 5th November 2019 at 7pm for 48 hours

This booking will allow you 48 hour access to a recording of a live webinar which was rated as ‘Excellent’ by 96% of registrants. The session is approx 2 hours long and takes the viewer through the main changes to the 2019 SASC Guidance on report formats for Diagnostic Assessment reports for SpLD. The session has been well received by specialist teachers (APC) and psychologists (HCPC) alike, and can be used as a contributing part of your overall CPD log.

Considering Tricky Profiles: Fine Tuning the Skills of SpLD Assessors: webinar access

On-demand access begins 24th November 2019 at 7pm for 72 hours

If you are an SpLD Diagnostic Assessor, this webinar is designed for you! It aims to provide a comprehensive guide to aid in the interpretation of ‘Tricky Profiles’. The session covers holistic approaches to the assessment process, the role of qualitative analysis, uncovers the use of the WRIT and why we need to be able to look beyond the scores, and how we make links between subtests to inform the overall identification of an SpLD. The area of overlapping conditions is addressed, with consideration give to ADHD, Dyspraxia, SLI/DLD and visual difficulties. Exemplars of wording to help assessors to report findings when profiles do not always fit neatly into the ‘dyslexia box’ are included and reference is made to real assessment profiles which are less clear cut, and we will be exploring how we as specialist practitioners can unpick and make sense of our findings. This is the difference between an assessor, and a test administrator; it is at the heart of our assessment process.

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