We hope you like our new website. It is responsive which means that it’s easier to view on mobile devices and tablets. We have also tried to adhere to the latest ‘dyslexia friendly’ recommendations too.

  • Use browser to enlarge screen/font instead of complicated third party plugins – We suggest the Firefox browser
  • Headings to be a larger font, bold, lowercase letters
  • Make background ‘light beige’ instead of white
  • Use left justified with ragged right edge
  • Avoid narrow columns (as used in newspapers)
  • Aim for lines of approx 60 to 70 characters
  • Space out paragraphs and break long paragraphs up
  • Use a line spacing equivalent to 1.5
  • Use bullet points and numbering rather than continuous prose

In the coming months we will be opening our forums and delivering information and resources though our News blog.

We hope you like it and welcome your feedback so please let us know what you think :)

Use our contact form to let us know what you like or don’t like.

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